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Have you ever struggled with finding the right website? Have you not been able to find the right information due to misleading content? At Saeiddanesh we strive to provide you with the greatest quality lessons and products. Here you can learn about different styles of painting and if you have not been able to find the right art products for your own artistic adventure, you can find them here.

Saeiddanesh provides different services and products including starter kits for beginners who have an interest in painting.

All of the products provided here have been tested and used by our Profesional artists at D&D.


At Saeiddanesh you can find the best quality lessons and products, the same products that our artists use at D&D, and with every product that you purchase you will receive a free booklet that contains the secrets that professionals use.

We are determaind to promote unrecognized artists and help them improve their work. You can contact us about possible partnership or sponsorship.

Saeiddanesh is a partner website of Creationstock. Here you will find the latest information and news about events and classes offered at D&D.

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